Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Ideas: Princess Belle

Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Ideas: Princess Belle

You may be familiar with this story-the Beauty and the Beast.It is a very classic Disney fairy tale.Belle is a princess who has a deep love for books, her father and rebellion.She didn’t care much what other people thought of her.Gaston, the handsome guy from town, made it clear he wanted to put a ring on her finger.But she didn’t care it at all.When her father did not return for a day, she set out to find him.Then she met the terrible beast, also known as her husband-to-be.On a first date,the Beast was able to see his true heart through his furry exterior.At last the spell was broken and the Beast became a beautiful prince, and they lived happily ever after!

When I was a child, I watched Belle and her beast dance in the sparkling ballroom.From then on, I have been longing to spend that magical night with my prince one day.Many bride-to-be agree with me.Here are some ways to incorporate the princess into your wedding.

The dress
Go for a big and beautiful gown that is sure to be a show stopper. The gown, straight from Disney, is perfect. If you’re a bold bride, you could look for a dress in Belle’s beautiful gold-colored gown.

Reception decor
There are so many things you can do to decorate your reception space just like Belle would. Look for a venue that has gold chandeliers – if not, see if you would be able to hang your own. They instantly add elegance to a space. If you want a more rustic look, stack a bunch of old books on each table topped with a teacup to evoke Belle’s love for literature and her dinnerware friends.

Wedding invitations
Evoke this brunette by sending out this beauty and the beast invitation. The intricate, bold, black decor completed with a satin ribbon opens up to elegant text printed amid contrasting paper to create an invitation that is beautiful both inside and out.

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