DIY Ideas to Make Watercolor Doily Banner

DIY Ideas to Make Watercolor Doily Banner

Do you love Doily banner just like me?I’m so thrilled about the banners everywhere.These banners can add personality to any occasion.Wedding, reception or any kind of party – really anywhere!Today,we’re going to create a watercolor doily banner.This super simple project adds popular colors to your event!

Would you use this DIY project to decorate for your upcoming event? What other banner ideas can you come up with using paper doilies? Share your ideas with us.Now, let’s see what we need and how to do.

What we need:

  • Paper Doilies
  • Watercolors
  • Brushes
  • Water
  • Magazines or books for flattening painted doilies
  • String  (approx. 5 feet long)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Dots

How to do:

  1. GATHER: Gather materials.
  2. PAINT: Choose desired color palate and paint on doilies. No need to paint perfectly; differences in color saturation/brush direction give added pizzazz! Go ahead and paint all of your doilies now, so the rest of the project is smooth sailing.
  3. DRY: Let paint dry.
  4. FLATTEN: During drying process, doilies can morph in shape. Place dry doilies in between magazines to help flatten.
  5. FOLD: Fold doilies in half.
  6. SECURE: Prepare to secure sides of doilies with adhesive.
  7. STRING:  Gather the string of your choice. Place the string in the middle of the flat doily. Fold doily in half around string, pressing sides together to create a hold with the adhesive applied in previous step.
  8. HANG: Now you are ready to hang your Watercolor Doily Pennant Banner for all of your guests to enjoy.
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