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Do You Want a Romantic Wedding?

Gershwin wrote that it’s very clear, our love is here to stay – not for a year, but ever and a day, The radio and the telephone and the movies that we know may just be passing fancies and in time may go… but oh my dear, our love is here to stay – together we’re going a long long way. In time the Rockies may crumble and Gibraltar may tumble – they’re only made of clay but, I vow, our love is here to stay.

How romantic.

Have a romantic wedding is many girl’s dream. But how to have a romantic wedding ? In other words, is there any tips to have a romantic wedding? what??You have no inspiration, okay, Maybe this article can help you.

   First choose the romantic wedding stationary

Romantic wedding invites

   Try to let the light help you.

Wedding light

    What can be more romantic in a wedding when the couple vow to each other?

Wedding vows

   Candles is essential for a romantic wedding.

Wedding candles
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