Do’s and Don’ts of Opening Your Wedding Gifts

Do’s and Don’ts of Opening Your Wedding Gifts

Have you thought about the different considerations of wedding etiquette?So many things, even the most trivial details, can confuse you.What’s acceptable and what’s not, what’s tasteful and what’s tasteless, can make any of us a little crazy.Let’s take a look at some things that may sound trivial, but will come up sooner or later.

Once you and your partner get back from your honeymoon, you’re  having a lot of wedding gifts sitting there waiting for you to open them. But there are a lot of questions surrounding the gift-opening process.Here are a few of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to opening your wedding gifts.

Do have a wedding gift-opening party
A wedding gift-opening party certainly isn’t as big of a trend as the bridal shower or bachelorette party, but it is increasingly popular. You usually host the event following post-wedding brunch.But if you don’t want everyone around for the event, you can open the gifts only with your closest friends and family.

Don’t open cash gifts
It’s not appropriate to open cards and cash gifts in front of the other guests, so it’s best to save the envelopes for later. It’s better for you and  your spouse to open them in private after everyone has left.

Do recruit help
You may want to call on the maid of honor or best man to help you keep track of a good deal of wedding gifts. This person can write down who gave you what, and can help you find specific addresses so you can give the gift giver a proper thank-you note.

Don’t wait to open if you don’t want to
Many couples feel as though they have to wait until after the wedding to open gifts. However, if you receive a gift in the mail, open it! This way, you can get a jumpstart on writing thank-you notes before your wedding day even arrives.

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