Fabulous Mint Invitations Inspired Wedding Color Combo Ideas

Fabulous Mint Invitations Inspired Wedding Color Combo Ideas

   Fresh, gentle, delicate and very relaxing – it’s mint used to decorate your wedding!It’s one of the hottest colors in the wedding theme, and I know why — it’s so sweet and charming!

   How to add mint to your bridal costume?If you’re not ready for a mint-colored wedding dress, you can buy a nice pair of mints, a clutch, a garter belt, some jewelry or color your nails.Choose a bridesmaid dress and mint tie or jacket for your groom.Make a mint background, table settings, chair decorations and food, of course!Well, those delicious mint cocktails and macarons!

   What else can we do with mint on wedding decor? How about trying mint wedding invitations?Anyway,mint is a very refreshing and elegant color that is great for spring and summer weddings. It makes different wedding effects with several popular colors, like peach, red, gold and so on.Take a look at these beautiful mint wedding invitations and color palettes below! Wish you love them!

   Mint and white

   Mint and gold or champagne

   Mint and peach

   Mint and navy blue

   Mint and pink

   Mint and something blue

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