Fall Wedding Invitation Trends You Wanna Know

Fall Wedding Invitation Trends You Wanna Know

Fall weddings can offer creative and multiple choices such as decorations, flowers, wedding cakes and more.We think the best way to get you thinking about planning an autumn wedding is to pick a perfect fall wedding invitation that fit into your wedding theme.

To give you more inspiration,we’ve collected some of the most trendy fall wedding invitation this year, along with some examples of wedding invitations, so you can see the actual trends.You can buy all the fall wedding invitations here and find designs that suit your fall wedding style.

Fall Wedding Invitation Trends You Wanna Know

Textured Metallics

Metallics are popular accent colors for weddings but gold and copper are by far the front-runners for fall weddings. They bring warmth and shine to seasonal decorations and both look amazing amidst fall colors life burnt orange, burgundy, yellow and brown.

Wild Botanicals

A botanical theme embraces the beauty of all flowers and greenery, which is perfect for autumn weddings—a season that celebrates harvest and the last of nature’s abundance. Lush arrangements of wild flowers and greenery are always beautiful.

Geometric Borders

Clean, minimalist, simple. Geometric shapes, patterns and borders are sharp and beautiful! Hence why they’ve found their way into today’s fashion and design trends.

Woodland Whimsy

A natural woodland wedding theme is high on the list of trends for fall weddings, and the couples who love outdoor weddings definitely have their favorite natural elements. Customizing your fall wedding invitations to include exactly what you love is key in creating an unforgettable wedding day.


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