Figure it Out:What is a sip and see?

Figure it Out:What is a sip and see?

Sip and see party is not a new concept, even though it is a favorite of new parents.The sip and see party concept is such a great idea that it has spread widely.This is an opportunity for everyone to meet and welcome a new baby soon after birth.This baby shower is kind of like an open baby shower.

You don’t have to worry about finding enough chairs for your guest list.People come, eat, take a look at their children, visit the parents, and leave.

Many parents have had the experience of being hospitable every time someone rings the doorbell, even though they may not get enough sleep.Because friends or families are curious about the new baby or want to bring gifts, so that they probably drop by suddenly.Thus, couples would throw a party and invite family and close friends to their homes for refreshments and to see the new baby.It doesn’t matter what you eat, because its main purpose is to add something precious to the family and make an exclamation.

However,a sip and see party is not just focused around gifts although some guests will bring gifts especially if there wasn’t a baby shower prior to Baby’s arrival. The couple should address the gift situation (no gifts, specific gifts, gifts to charity, etc.) on the sip and see party invitations so guests are clear on what’s expected. As for invitations,you can use most baby shower invitations as sip and see invitations with just a simple change in wording but there are also some pretty adorable sip and see designs available. More invitations recommended below.

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