Five Popular Rustic Wedding Themes with Mason Jars

Five Popular Rustic Wedding Themes with Mason Jars

   Mason jars are popular in the decorative world.They are affordable, practical and cute.Mason jars offer unlimited possibilities when it comes to wedding decorations.For example, you can use glass bottles as decorations at your wedding.Use different flowers, candles, and add some beads and glitter.

   Mason jars will always be a great decorative element for a rustic wedding.That’s why many brides tend to use them for their wedding decoration.There has been a trend to use mason jars in rustic weddings in these years. The truth is that mason jars are essential and  irreplaceable because of their rather low prices and wide range of uses. With a bit of creative ideas, these little modest tools can really improve the feel of your wedding and give your a totally rustic touch. The flowing five wedding themes are all we collected for you. Check them out and be ready to get inspired.

   1. Boho

 Boho Wedding

   2. String Lights

String Lights Wedding

   3. Sunflower

Sunflower Wedding

   4. Burlap & Lace

Burlap & Lace Wedding

   5. Baby Breath

Baby Breath Wedding


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