Fun Bachelorette Party Themes That the Brides Will Love

Fun Bachelorette Party Themes That the Brides Will Love

If it’s time to narrow down the theme of the bachelorette party, we’ve got plenty of options for you.Based on the latest trends for weddings, there’s a new series of bachelorette party themes and ideas so you can make your pre-wedding events a little more personal — especially reunions with your besties.

Throwing a bachelorette party means you have to plan a night out with your best girlfriends to celebrate your last day as a single lady before say “I do”. While “one last voyage before the veil” is a fun way to celebrate, these new ideas will delight the crew, from friends’ outings to retro ’90s weekends. If this theme is not your cup of tea, a few other themes listed below are what you may want to consider.

Little Black Dress
Everyone looks good in a little black dress, and everyone likely owns one, so why not have a little black party? Nobody will have to spend extra money finding an outfit for the event, and all of you will look perfectly coordinated while still adhering to your own unique style.

Fun Bachelorette Party Themes That the Brides Will Love

Pretty in Pink
Can’t think of a theme? Go simple by choosing a color to stick to, like pink! Make your own rose-colored cocktails by combining two bottles of Moscato, one can of pink lemonade concentrate, three cups of sprite and a few fresh raspberries or strawberries to finish it off. Pair your cocktails with a sweet dessert, like pretty pink cake pops.

Fun Bachelorette Party Themes That the Brides Will Love

You don’t have to live by the sea to throw a nautical-themed bachelorette party. Choose a seaside color scheme, like navy blue and white with splashes of bright red here and there. Have your bridesmaids get dressed in nautical attire including anything with navy and white stripes. As for snacks, opt for seafood like oysters, crab legs, fish cakes, sushi and other finger foods for all to enjoy.

nautical-themed bachelorette party

Who says Halloween is the only time of year you are allowed to dress up? Give your best friends an excuse to get dressed up for an exciting masquerade bachelorette party. Prepare a table filled with plenty of props, like colorful masks, pearl necklaces, rings, wands, and lots of fun wigs so everyone can transform themselves upon arrival.

masquerade bachelorette party


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