Fun & Unique Bridal Shower Games to Play

Fun & Unique Bridal Shower Games to Play

The bridal shower is a time for best friends and family to gather and “shower” the bride with gifts. It is meant to usher the bride into the upcoming marriage life.What better way to celebrate such a happy occasion than with some fun bridal shower games?Your attendees will be thrilled by these fun and unique bridal shower games.Or we can see another reason not to skip offering a party.You and your guests may not want the shower to be all about gifts.Fun games are a must.Games are a perfect way to break the ice and get everyone comfortable with one another.

There is one thing you should keep in mind.That’s,before the wedding invitations are mailed, bridal shower invitations should be sent! For your reference,check out the following fun activities that are sure to create the perfect mood.

What’s In Your Purse?
Let’s be honest – us women have so many random items in our purses. Most of the time, we couldn’t even tell you what’s hiding in there! When playing the “What’s In Your Purse” game, however, you can earn points for those various things that you never bothered to take out of your bag. Create a list of items and a point scale next to them – whoever can gather the most things on the list and end up with the highest amount of points wins a prize!Here are just a few random items that you can feel free to include:

  • Reading glasses
  • Used tissue
  • More than 5 pens
  • Pepper spray
  • Lipstick
  • Lotion
  • Flash Drive
  • Planner
  • Earring with no post

He Said/She Said

This is a way to test how much your guests know about you and your future spouse.Before the party begins, sit down with your partner and ask them to ask you two questions about your love story, such as how you met, where you went on your first vacation, where you kissed for the first time, your favorite color, etc.Then print out your answer without specifying who said it — that’s the job of the bridal shower guests.Those who answer correctly will be rewarded!One interesting twist is to have guests hold up their beards or lips to indicate their answers.

Love Story

Each guest picks up a piece of paper and writes new sentences in turn about how they met.But the trick is that you have to fold the paper before someone writes a sentence, so she doesn’t know what she’s written.At the end of the game, you might have a big paragraph that doesn’t make much sense, but the result is always funny.

Who am I?

The “Who am I?”game is a great choice for large groups because they encourage people to get in touch and get to know each other.There is one person (celebrity, historical figure, politician) for each guest.The man’s name was pinned on the back of the guest.Each person has 20 questions.When the guests talk to each other, they ask each other questions and give each other clues.You can also use props!As the game unfolds, guests can choose to give another guest a prop that might let them know who they are.Think wigs, hats, jewelry, walking sticks, etc.

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