Glittering and Stylish Silver & Gold Wedding Invitations

Glittering and Stylish Silver & Gold Wedding Invitations

Nowadays, many new couples love to add a little sparkling glitz and glamour to their wedding. There are unlimited ideas to include this glimmering touch to your tasteful wedding. One chic way is to send out a gorgeous glitter inspired wedding invitation to wow your wedding guests.

For an elegant wedding celebration, it is great to throw out a gold and silver invitation to set the tone.The shimmering metallic colors create a solemn atmosphere, which perfectly complements your wedding theme.These ideas on a silver and gold wedding invitations will inspire you to add a little sparkle to your wedding. Check below for some of our hot-selling glitter accented invitations and pick out your most favorite.

  1. Gold and navy
  2. Laser cut blush wedding invitation
  3.  Sky blue and light gold

4. Pearl white vintage type wedding invitation with light gold details 

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