Gorgeous Ideas for Your Tiffany Blue Themed Wedding

Gorgeous Ideas for Your Tiffany Blue Themed Wedding

   We’ve shaded great wedding color palettes in shades of navy blue in the previous posts.Today it’s time to go to another blue color-Tiffany Blue.Many brides are fans of this fancy color not only because of Tiffany’s brand effect, but because of the charm of Tiffany blue. Are you interested in it the same as them ? Let’s start today’s topic.

   Classic and  elegant as it is , Tiffany Blue  has become a popular theme color for modern weddings. Tiffany blue wedding theme is an elegant way to add style and elegance to your wedding. The signature Tiffany’s box, which is light blue with a white ribbon is the typical theme that is associated with the Tiffany blue  and Tiffany Blue Co theme.

   If you want , you can incorporate the theme in several elements in your wedding and reception.And it is a good choice to apply Tiffany blue to your wedding invitations,favor bags,centerpieces or wedding table treats, which absolute impress your guests and make your big day shine.Below, you will see some excellent ideas in planning for a Tiffany blue wedding.  Get ready to be inspired!

   1. Four gorgeous wedding color palettes in shades of Tiffany Blue

Tiffany Blue Wedding

   2.Wedding table treats too gorgeous to eat

Wedding table treats

   3. Laser cut wedding favor bags might be a chic choice for laser cut invitation lovers

Laser cut wedding favor bags

   4. Stunning wedding centerpiece with floating Tiffany blue candle lights

wedding centerpiece

   5. Tiffany blue wedding invitations

Tiffany blue wedding invitations


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