Great Ideas To Make Your Wedding Funny and Impressive

Great Ideas To Make Your Wedding Funny and Impressive

Your wedding is to celebrate the love between you and the person you are going to marry.But there’s another goal in front of you: throw a big party and have your guests talk about it for years.But how do you make your big day stand out from the many weddings your family and friends have attended in the past?

To make the wedding funny and impressive, you have to try something new and do something stupid. When you grow older and turn back, you will remember these funny movements rather than something sad. So do your friends and families.Here are some great ideas to impress your guests and make your wedding a memorable event.

1. Funny cute wedding cake toppers

2. Funny wedding favors

3. Funny lace dresses for brides and their bridesmaids

4.Cute hair style for your little flower girls

5. Custom guests photos and their names

6. Have your very own beer bar

7. Unique guest book ideas

8.Invite your grandmas to be your flower girls

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