How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses in Different Styles?

How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses in Different Styles?

  The choice of bridesmaid dress is also an important part of the wedding.I wrote an article about bridesmaid dresses pursuing individuality. Some people like more uniform dresses, so how to show their individuality on the basis of uniformity? When it comes to integrity, color uniformity is the foundation. The following are different designs of the same color,  which one you like.

Cinnabar red and mint green bridesmaid dress
Haze blue and navy blue bridesmaid dress
Bridesmaid dresses of the same color and different styles

Corresponding wedding invitations

Gray-green wedding invitation
Light Pine Green Wedding Invitation

Pink bridesmaid dress gives a soft feeling. Pink is synonymous with youth. The combination of pink and rose gold understated luxury.

Rose gold wedding invitation

Three classic colors of shoes:white、gray、fleshcolor.

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