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How to Have a Perfect Farm Wedding ?

   Want a perfect farm wedding? Don’t worry, follow my tips, you can avoid many unnecessary mistakes.

   First, the wedding venue should be run legally. For example, if you find a legal venue and it happened to be closed before your wedding, what should you do?

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   Pay attention to the electricity problem. Not all farm can meet the electricity requirement of a wedding. You should check the electricity information with the farm owner in advance.

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   The surroundings of the wedding venue is also important. I am sure it would not be a good experience to hear all kinds of noises when you vow to your partner.

   The weather is a headache problem for an outdoor wedding.You will never know the real weather condition of your biggest day. So plan B is essential at this time.

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   Toilet is another problem for a farm wedding, especially the barn wedding, because many barns don’t have the plumbing. If you happened to find a barn without plumbing, you should should spent extra 1000~3000dollars in renting a portable restroom trailers.

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Finally, pay attention to the quantity of your guests for a barn wedding. It looks big when it is empty, when you put everything into it, the space is limited.

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