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How to Have an Impressive Eco-friendly Wedding?

   Wedding is a way to celebrate your biggest day with your families and friends, it will show your lifestyle and values to all people. If you and your partner are confirmed environmentalists , then eco-friendly wedding would be your great choice.

   We know it is nearly impossible to thoroughly avoid wasting in the wedding, what we can do is try to reduce waste. We have some tips, maybe you can pick some of them which you can do.

   1. Choose an appropriate wedding venue

  The biggest carbon footprint of your wedding is from travel, so try to find a place where is near most of your guests’ home. And you can book a sustainable venue, for example, the permanent building like a hall, barn or country house.

   By the way, reduce the number of guests and find a smaller venue is also a good idea for eco-friendly wedding.

Sustainable Wedding Venue

  2. Use eco-friendly wedding decorations

   We need various accessories to decorate a wedding, some of the decorations will be threw away immediately after the wedding. We can DIY some unique wedding decorations. For example, make some biscuits with names of guests on it as a table card and make the dried flower petals with flowers in season. By the way, you can use some recyclable or reusable items like glassware, bunting, and vintage candlesticks.

Eco-friendly Wedding Decor

   3. Wedding Dresses

   Rent wedding dresses or buy second-hand wedding dresses becomes more and more popular.Or you can saving your dress to hand down to the next generation or selling it on are much more ethical and help it bring joy to someone else. As for bridesmaids dresses, you can let your bridesmaid wear their own dresses. This would be for eco-friendly and unique.

Vintage Wedding Dresses

  4. Eco-friendly Wedding Invitations

   Wedding stationery usually means a lot of paper. How to reduce the damage to nature? You can choose online invitations or eco-friendly wedding stationery.

   Eco-friendly wedding invitations are usually made of environmental material like wheat stalks,straws or coconut shells and can be recycled.

Eco-friendly Wedding Invitations

  5. Wedding Catering

   Food is always a key source of waste. We can’t thoroughly avoid wasting, then what we can do is try to reduce the waste. First, we’d better shop the ingredients in season from local farmers. Less meat or no meat would be a great idea. At the same time, remember to avoid disposable dinnerware.

Eco-friendly Wedding Catering

   6. Deal with the Rubbish Scientifically

   Have a discussion with your venue or planner, find a scientific way to deal with the rubbish. For example, set up a disposal system that includes recycle containers for cans and bottles and a compost bin for biodegradable substances, including fruits, vegetables, and plants.

Deal With Wedding Garbage

   Pro Wedding Invites provides eco-friendly wedding stationery with free customization. Please kindly message us if you have any requirements. 

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