How to Plan a Perfect and Unforgettable Rehearsal Dinner

How to Plan a Perfect and Unforgettable Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner has evolved into a big event, but there’s no need to stress about your plans.It’s less than 24 hours before you and your fiancee get married.Family and friends are here.There’s only one thing that can protect you from a serious anxiety attack — a really fun party.

Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner is given by the groom’s parents the night before the wedding.Everyone in both families, everyone at the wedding, and everyone out of town shall be invited.These days, weddings are often a weekend affair, and rehearsal dinners are the big start.

Like other events leading up to the big wedding day, there are traditional and more modern methods for planning and hosting the rehearsal dinner. The couple can decide the style of event they prefer but hosts should feel free to mix up modern and traditional based on the couple’s likes and dislikes.Here are some good ideas to help you plan the rehearsal dinner based on our final rehearsal dinner list.

Who’s Invited

A rehearsal dinner usually takes place the night before your wedding day right after the ceremony rehearsal. The guest list will include:

  • the happy couple
  • parents/stepparents
  • grandparents
  • the wedding party plus spouses/dates
  • siblings plus spouses/dates
  • the officiate and his/her spouse or date
  • out-of-town guests
How to Plan a Perfect and Unforgettable Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal dinner invitations should be sent after the wedding invitations. It’s easier also to wait to send rehearsal dinner invitations until after you’ve received wedding RSVPs.P.S.Rehearsal dinner invitations can be more casual and fun than the wedding invitations and don’t necessarily have to match the same style.

Who Pays

If you want to follow tradition, usually the groom’s parents will prepare and pay for the rehearsal dinner.This assumes that the bride’s parents bear most of the cost of the wedding.Modern couples pay for the rehearsal dinner themselves, or ask both parents to share the cost.No matter who’s hosting, set a clear and comfortable budget for your sponsors.

Where to Host

The guest list is shorter than your wedding, so you can have more venue choices.Some typical places for a rehearsal dinner are a restaurant with a private room, someone’s home/backyard, or a casual restaurant.It’s best to keep the dinner simple so everyone can have a comfortable time to prepare for the wedding.

The format of the dinner, though optional, will be up to the host.A golden rule is that a rehearsal dinner should never be more formal than the actual wedding.

Moments to Capture

Although the rehearsal dinner is a prerequisite for the wedding, it is still a time to celebrate and remember.Toasts are an important part of the rehearsal dinner, and interestingly, longer toasts are perfect for a more intimate evening.

It’s also a good time to exchange gifts.Thank you CARDS and gifts should be given to the bridesmaids and best men on this evening, especially if the gifts should be worn at the wedding.The couple can also give gifts to their parents as a way of thanking them and/or preparing for the next day.

How to Plan a Perfect and Unforgettable Rehearsal Dinner


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