How To Plan Your Wedding Step By Step?

How To Plan Your Wedding Step By Step?

   In order to make the most important moment of your life looks more wonderful, you should have a very clear idea about the wedding planning. When to start? What you should prepare? How to choose the wedding invitations, vendors, dresses and so on? There are too many things waiting for you. But don’t be worry,just plan your wedding step by step.

   Step 1: Set Your Budget

   Set the budget is always the first step of a wedding planning. This is not a funny process, but it’s a task that really needs to be completed first because it sets the rest of your wedding planning process into motion.Just make a checklist you may need with your partner, and decide how much you want to spend on each of them. Of course this is just an approximate budget, you can raise or decrease the budget slightly.

Weddimh Budget

 Step 2: Determine the wedding date & wedding theme & wedding venue

  We usually suggest you determine the wedding date and wedding theme,wedding venue at the same time, because different wedding themes are suitable for different seasons. For example, greenery outdoor wedding is suitable for spring, beach wedding is wonderful in summer…Of course, you should choose the corresponding wedding venue.

Wedding Venue

   Step 3: Start Working on Your Wedding Guests

   Having a discuss with your family about the wedding guests. Be sure to keep your venue’s capacity in mind as well, and don’t invite more people than the space can handle. You will also need to decide whether you’re inviting children and who will be allotted a plus one.

 Wedding Guest List

   Step 4: Time to spend your money

   In this period, what you need to do is shop, shop, shop. Book your wedding venue in advance, and other service like the band, the catering and so on (Especially when you choose a hot wedding seasons). You also need to buy the wedding stationery like save the date card (should be sent as far in advance as possible to ensure that your loved ones can plan accordingly), wedding invitation card (are usually sent six to eight weeks before the big day). At the same time, you can start to find your ideal wedding dress, shoes, and so on.

Pink Wedding Ideas

   Step 5: Checking the Details with All Staffs

   You need to check all the details with your wedding planner, vendor, the band…to make sure everything will goes on well on as you planned.  The menu, the decor are also important.

Wedding Reception Ideas

   Step 6;Enjoy Your Wedding

   Now everything is prepared, just enjoy every moments of your wedding day.

Wedding Day

   Here are some notes for you:

   1. Book rooms for your out-of-town guests in advance.

   2. Build a wedding website so your guests can know all information directly.

   3. In the midst of all the crazy planning and endless small details, don’t forget to actually plan time to get your marriage license.

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