How to Politely Say No Kids at the Wedding

How to Politely Say No Kids at the Wedding

Deciding whether to invite or not to a wedding is a hotly debated topic, with no right or wrong answers.Ultimately, this is the bride and groom’s personal choice, but it also leads to the topic of our post today — how do you make it clear that children are not invited to the wedding?

The easiest way to say no children is to send wedding invitations saying only adults.You can also reinforce this with the name or number on the invitation card.

The risk is that some guests may think they are on the same team as their children.If parents find out at the last minute that they can’t make other arrangements, or if they do have to bring their children to the wedding, it can lead to dramatic results.It may be necessary to confirm with these guests that you do not intend to have children.Below are some valid reasons for not inviting children to the wedding by saying it with your wedding invitations.

1. Formal Wedding
A formal wedding is not fun for parents if they have to look after children and it’s definitely not fun for children. You want to be straightforward but you also want to stick with tradition, hence addressing the envelopes properly.

2. Limited Space
Many venues have a limited amount of seating.That means you have to limit your guest list. You certainly don’t have to say “no children” but you will want to be clear who is invited.

3. We Plan to Party Hard
Some couples plan one heck of a party! If your wedding will involve a lot of drinking and partying,  let friends and family know they can leave the children at home in a fun way.

4.Address the Guests
Properly addressing your inner and outer envelopes is the first step toward letting guests know exactly who is invited. Be sure to read how to address your wedding invitations to learn more about this important step.

5. “No Children Please” or “Adult Only Reception”
You may place this wording at the bottom of the wedding invitation wording or on the reception cards. Keep it simple, keep it small.

6. “We have X seats reserved for you!”
A great way to let people know exactly how many people are invited, this phrase becomes a part of your response card wording.

7. “Leave the Littles”
Now this is just cute! If you have friends and family with children you absolutely love but are choosing not to have at the wedding, this is a fantastic way to let guests know you really do care but your celebration is not intended for kids.

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