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How to Prepare a Perfect Bridal Shower?

   A bridal shower is a pre-wedding & gift-giving party for the bride-to-be. Guests will play many games together, give their gifts to the bride-to-be, and share their experience with her. How to Prepare a bridal shower? Here are the basic steps.

Pink Bride Shower

   1. Know your budget. This is essential no matter what kind of party you are going to have.

   2. Make sure how many people you are going to invite.

   3. Decide the date and the venue for the party.

Bridal Shower Dessert

   4. Send your bridal shower invitations in advance.

   5. Plan the party menu and the games you want to play

   6. Prepare a station for the bridal shower gifts in advance.

Tiffany Bridal Shower

   Though the bridal shower is usually prepared by the bride’s mother or friends, we usually suggest get the bride-to-be involved, then the party would be more prefect.

Bridal Shower
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