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How To Prepare An Impressive Vintage Wedding ?

   When it comes to vintage wedding, many people will relate it to a budget-constrained and outdated wedding. But things have already changed, the vintage wedding is a hot choice for people in recent years.How to have a authentic vintage wedding? We have some tips.

  1. Vintage wedding stationary

    The wedding stationary plays an important part in a wedding, and it can even determine peoples first impression for you wedding. You can choose the vintage wedding invitations, RSVP cards, thank you cards or stamps. They are easy to find in the market.                                                         Vintage wedding stationary

   2. Vintage dress code

If you want your wedding looks vintage, the the vintage dress code is essential. You can tell your guests the dressing code when send the wedding invitations.

Vintage dress code


3. Vintage wedding venues                  

For a vintage wedding, the venues is not hard to decide. You can hold it in a barn, a farm, a garden or anywhere else. It dont have a high requirement for the venues.

Vintage wedding venues

4. Vintage wedding decorations

If you want your wedding full of the feeling of vintage , then you can pay attention to the decorations. Vintage centerpieces, wedding signs, backdrops, tableware are all OK.

Vintage wedding decorations

   5.Vintage makeup

   The bride and bridesmaid can have a vintage makeup to meet the wedding theme.   

  Vintage wedding harmoniously blends the classical and modern features. If you want a romantic and unique wedding, it can be your choice.   

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