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How To Prepare an Unique Winter Wedding?

   Winter wedding is not as popular as spring, summer or even autumn wedding, but we have to admit that it do have it’s own charming, and having an impressive romantic wedding in winter seems more easier than in other seasons.

   As winter is not a popular season for wedding, so you don’t need to worry about booking the wedding venue, and the expense is usually cheaper. By the way, you can have a weekend wedding much more easily. Of course, you may meet more troubles in planning a winter wedding. We’d like to give you some suggestions.

   How bride and bridesmaids keep warm?

   In the cold winter, a thin wedding dress is really not a wise choice. You can choose the dresses with long sleeve or prepare some warm shawls.

Winter Wedding Dresses

Protect you skin appropriately

   As we all know, our skin will become very dry in fall and winter. In order to make you have a perfect makeup, you should protect your skin as early as possible.


Make your guests feel warm

   Although outdoor wedding is more popular, we don’t suggest you have a outdoor wedding in winter. You can take some photos with your guests outside, but the wedding ceremony and reception should be held in a warm place.And you can put a scarf on each chair for your guests.

Wedding Reception

Food for winter wedding

   The dishes are easy to get cold in winter, don’t let the caterer cook the dishes too early. And you can prepare some deserts and drinks with high calories, like chocolate, candy and hot cocoa.

Winter Wedding Catering

Use warm colors as your wedding palette

   Choose an intense color for your wedding color. Berry-stain purple, burgundy, black are all wonderful choices. And you can decorate the wedding with something glittering, trust me, this would be beautiful.

Winter Wedding

The light on the wedding is important

   The reception of winter wedding is usually in the evening because of the early sunset, so the light is very important. You can use the light or candle to decorate the wedding, and firework is also a good ideas.

Winter Wedding Lighting
Wedding Decorations

   Pro Wedding Invites also prepared various invitations for your winter wedding, and you can always find the one match your wedding themes well.

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