Ideas to Design Funky Wedding Invitations Yourself

Ideas to Design Funky Wedding Invitations Yourself

Some couples want a traditional wedding.However, other couples prefer something unique and fashionable to make them stand out from the crowd.If you are in the latter situation, why not give your guests a taste of your unique style with an unusual wedding invitation?Yes,we mean you can have a try to design the wedding invitations yourself.

Undoubtedly,there is so much work to do.But it can be easier than you think.No need to feel stressed.For you,we’ve collected some great ideas.First of all, choose a piece of paper that fits your wedding theme.For example, if you are getting married in Hollywood, prepare a ticket stub with your name on it, and enter the time and place of the wedding as performance time and theater.For a carnival-themed wedding, design your invitation to look like a raffle ticket.More ideas below!

Add embellishments

Instead of sticking with flat, give your invitations some texture. Add a ribbon, silver charm, button or even clay bead.

Use a poster tube to hold your invitation and fill it with favors

This will give your guests their own private party when they open them. If you’re having a beach wedding, throw in some sand and seashells. For a fairytale wedding, put in glitter to simulate pixie dust.

Use Evite

This electronic invitation service is definitely not something many use to invite people to their weddings, and to top it off, it’s free. Use one of the templates available or design your own. Just make sure all of your guests have access to the Internet.

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