Important Rules for Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Important Rules for Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Planning a wedding takes a lot of work and patience all the time.There are some things brides enjoy doing,like trying on wedding dresses and sample wedding food.However you may be less eager to double-check the guest list and fill out invitations even though this part is equally important.Wedding invitations are an important part of every wedding ceremony, so make sure your invitations are correct and include all information you need list.If you want to make the wedding invitation process easier, follow these tips at the beginning.

Never Mention Gifts

Gift registry information should never be presented with the wedding invitations or the save-the-dates; but it can be included with the bridal showers invitations. 

Don’t Include Your Child Free Policy

It’s becoming more and more common for weddings to become adult only affairs, but there actually isn’t a need to put “Adults Only” or “No Children” on the invitations you send out.  The way your wedding invitation is addressed immediately tells the receiver who is invited to the wedding. 

Don’t Make a Maybe List

A last minute invite could end up making your potential guest feel even more unwelcomed than if you had not invited them in the first place.  Before you send out your invitations make sure that you know everybody who you want to attend, and avoid sending out last minute invitations.

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