Indispensable Checklist for Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

Indispensable Checklist for Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

When you’re hosting a special event like a bridal shower for your family and friends, the last thing you want to do is forget what’s important on your bridal shower invitation.There are many details in the planning of the bridal shower, all of which begin with the invitation.Like wedding invitations, bridal shower invitations have their own protocol.

Here is a checklist to help you remember all the important details, plus a proofing checklist to make sure all these details are correct.With this information at hand, you can send out the invitation with 100% confidence!And follow these rules to make sure all guests feel welcome and know what to expect at the party!

Invitation Wording Checklist

The Invitational Line
An invitation line is a line on any invitation to invite guests to your celebration.Usually, this line is listed at the top of the invitation, or at least in the first few lines.

For this invitation, we’re talking about a bridal shower.Here you can also state the theme of a bridal shower, such as a kitchen bridal shower or a bridal tea party.

Guest of Honor
List the bride’s first and last name.Unless you prefer a formal invitation wording, you don’t need a middle name on your wedding invitation.The groom’s name is optional.Feel free to add the groom’s name if guests are unfamiliar with the groom.

Event Date
We suggest listing the numerical dates and days of the week to help guests consolidate the date.For example: Saturday, May 4 vs. May 4.A year is not necessary unless you prefer more formal wording.

Event Location and Address
List the name of the location as well as the full address with zip code. Out of town guests will appreciate having the zip code on the invitation for navigation purposes.

Event Time
You’ll be surprised how often the time is overlooked on bridal shower invitations,especially if it is already mentioned in the wording of an invitation such as brunch or luncheon.Make a specific start time,and consider listing an end date if there are other celebrations on the day (such as a bachelorette party), .

One week before the shower is usually sufficient unless catering is involved. If the event is catered, you will want to check with the caterer as to when they need a guest count. Be sure set your RSVP date a few days before the caterer’s date so you can text or call any guests who have not responded (it will happen).

RSVP Contact Information
You may ask guests to respond via email, phone call or text. Many hostesses are choosing to give guests all three options. See the example above for wording your response contact information.

Registry Information
Etiquette states that bridal shower registry information may be given with the invitation but not on the invitation itself. This rule is not always followed today but if you’re aiming for a more formal bridal shower, do not put the registry information on the invitation. Insert a separate information card with registry info. You can have INFORMATION CARDS professionally printed or you can print your own. We also offer two-sided bridal shower invitations designed to accommodate registry information on the back rather than as a part of the invitation wording.

Hostess Line
This is usually the last line of the invitation.You can list one or more hostess, and you may choose to display just names or the phrase “hosted by” and name(s).

Proofing Checklist

Grammar + Punctuation
General Spelling


Check the Following Details:

Day and Date




Contact Information

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