Practical Guide to Wedding Aisle Runners

Practical Guide to Wedding Aisle Runners

Planning a wedding means making sure that all the decorations and details are in place before the big day. If you’re the brides of 2022 or the people who are helping the bride with the decor for outdoor weddings, it’s important to know how to use the wedding aisle runners properly.

Wedding decors require careful more attention to detail. It’s definitely not a piece of cake. But don’t worry. We’re here to help.Among other things that you need to consider regarding your wedding, choosing a wonferful and impressive wedding aisle runner is a crucial decision.

When you think of a modern wedding, the image of a decorated aisle definitely comes to your mind. No matter where your wedding will be held, indoor or outdoor venue, the aisle runner would serve as an essential part of your wedding ceremony.

If you have no idea what types of wedding aisle runners are good for your wedding.Check out the below guide. You’ll everything you want to know.

Why Aisle Runners Are So Important?

In the past, there were unpaved roads and wedding venues were not so developed.Thus, the guests who attended the weddings usually arrived with their shoes messed up in mud or dust.

As a result, the floor of wedding venue, a church, in most of the cases, received a lot of dirt and smudges.

The brides are not able to walk on the dirty ground, which will ruin her dress, which led to the use of passageways. These passageways not only provided a clean path for the bride, but also helped to enhance the aesthetic value of whole wedding venue.That’s the origin of wedding ailse runners.

With the time passing by , wedding runners also serve as a decorative element and is used to compliment the overall décor of a wedding venue.

Brides do consider the selection of aisle runners as an essential part of their wedding day preparations.If you are planning an outdoor wedding, aisle runners will provide a clean and tidy passage for the bride and guests to enter the venue.

That’s why asile runners are so important for weddings now and then.

What Type of Aisle Runners Should You Use?

What type of asile runner should be used basically depends on the selection of a wedding venue. That’s, it is essential to choose an asile runner that suits the needs of the venue and your wedding theme.

he first thing that you should bear in mind is the size of an aisle runner. If the runner is too short or too large, it would cast a negative impact on the aesthetic value of your weddinf venue. Then, the design and material of an aisle runner is another thing that requires utmost attention.

For an outdoor venue, the selection of wedding aisle runners depends on the purpose for which you are using them. If the wedding venue has a grassy lawn, the bride’s gown will probably attract grass, dew, mud or other types of stains.

What’s more, the slippery or uneven ground surface may also cause that the bride or guests fall down.Under this condition,an aisle runner that offers smooth and even surface to walk on must be the right choice.

So before you buy an aisle runner, do consider these factors in mind. In fact, there is a specific wedding aisle runner for outdoor weddings. A proper wedding asile runner will protects your teuer shoes or clothes from any unanticipated damage.

Selection of Aisle Runner Material

Depending on the material, there are lots of types of aisle runners.You must choose one that can withstand even intense conditions of the venue.That’s why a beautiful runner is no use if it is just exquisite.Thus, be sure to choose the best materials for the wedding aisle runnuers.

The most crucial part of selecting an aisle runner requires you to consider the type of venue you have chosen for your wedding. If you go for an expensive version of a runner such as a carpet or a rug, it is viable to use it on almost every surface.However, if it is out of your budget, you may think about other cheaper options.

Synthetic material or rayon non-woven fabric is more affordable. This type of material is lightweight as well as flexible. As for cheaper material , paper asile runner may be a better option. However, you can use them on limited types of surfaces. But they are not suitable for a variety of shoes, especially high heels. Thus using a paper runner won’t be a wise decision.

In a word, the material of aisle runner has to match with your wedding venue and theme. Also, pay more attention to its utility.

How to Keep an Aisle Runner in Place

The following highly recommended tips may be helpful to keep an aisle runner in place. Take a look.

  • Use tent pigs
  • Secure the aisle runner with double-sided tape
  • Place flower pots at the edges of a runner
  • Use glue to secure a paper aisle runner on a slippery surface

How to Unroll Wedding Aisle Runner

Be more careful while unrolling almost every type of wedding aisle runners. Here are some of the things you have to bear in mind when you unroll a runner.

  • Unroll the runner from the front side of the ceremony area to the entry point
  • At least three individuals should perform the unrolling to keep the runner straight
  • The unrolled runner should look smooth and wrinkle-free
  • Unroll the runner shortly before the wedding party and bride arrives
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