Pretty and Affordable Wedding Invitations &Matching Colors

Pretty and Affordable Wedding Invitations &Matching Colors

   Have you noticed that laser cut invitations are becoming a major wedding trend because they add a classic yet contemporary touch. For your choice, our website presents clients with a stunning batch of elegant, affordable, high quality wedding invitations. We have  professional laser cutting team and a talented stationery designer team to provide you the most beautiful laser cut wedding invitations.

   Black Friday is a big online shopping festival.We have a array of wedding invitations there for you. The following are some amazing wedding invitations from our team. We want to share with you today. Have a look at them and get inspired!

   1.Romantic floral set on black background invite

   Imagine peeking inside a floral shop window late at night. This is the same feeling your guests will have when opening this special invitation.

Romantic floral set on black background invite

   2. Greenery/botanic touches on geometric frame with Laser Cut Wrap

   For a wedding that will be filled with greenery and botanical touches, this invitation is the perfect complement to your theme. Perfect year round!

Botanic Wedding Invites

   3. Geometric Frame with Floral Touches in Laser Cut Wrap 

   Revealing an invitation with a geometric frame that helps put the guests’ focus on the wording and the floral accents add a touch of romance.

Floral Wedding Invites

   4. Blue invite with glittery backer and snowflake Laser Cut Wrap

   It reveals a beautiful blue invitation with a delicate dotted pattern set on a silver glittery backer.

snowflake Wedding Invites
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