Purple and Grey Wedding Color Palettes for 2020

Purple and Grey Wedding Color Palettes for 2020

Your wedding color scheme will set the tone for the rest of the day.For couples who dream of a low-key wedding, the combination of purple and grey is the perfect choice.Purple and grey is one of the most popular wedding color palettes of all time.They are exquisite, but not very striking.

Grey is the perfect colour for bridesmaid dresses.What’s more, gray can also be used to decorate wedding centerpieces and other details.As for purple, there are different shades of purple, from mauve to liliac.You can choose any color that suits you!In fact, purple can also be used to make beautiful bouquets and table decorations, especially for fall and winter weddings.

In this post you find several fabulous purple and grey wedding color palettes with different purple hues such as eggplant, plum, lavender, radiant orchid and royal purple. Read on to find the one that is prefect for your wedding.

Purple and Grey Wedding Color


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