Reasons to Have a Couples’ Wedding Shower

Reasons to Have a Couples’ Wedding Shower

A couple shower is more like a cocktail party or dinner party than a bridal shower,inviting male and female relatives and close friends.The party is still dominated by gifts.But gifts are given to the bride and groom at the same time, usually household items and gadgets for men.The shower can be an afternoon barbecue at your parents’ house or a cocktail party at your favorite restaurant or bar.

Couples shower, wedding shower, jack and Jill shower.No matter what you call them, they’re all focused on one happy task: celebrating the bride and groom!If the bride and groom can’t bear to celebrate apart, get the whole group together and throw a shower with the girls and the guys.Here are 4 reason why it’s better to throw a couples shower.

#1. Celebrate with all your friends

Couples and bachelors can celebrate with the bride and groom, not to mention you will avoid the outdated rules like “Only Girls Will”.You are free to invite your BFF, whether it’s a man or a girl.

#2. Sharing love or embarrassment

Why wouldn’t the groom want to be honored as well as the bride? Plus, it takes a little heat off the bride to have her fiancé there to talk with everyone and help with that very awkward gift opening part.Be sure to find a couple’s shower invitation, which suggests you are hosting a common wedding shower. Guest’s gift selection will change.

#3.Casual by nature

The casual nature of the couple’s wedding shower makes planning a bit easier. You can even send couple shower evites. Our red stamp invitation can be sent as a postcard or e-card. Your aunts want a real invitation?? Of course! your college friend won’t believe the mail except the amazon package? Red stamp is your solution.


We encourage alcoholics not just because you’ve invited the guys (and we’re not saying it won’t be suggested), but because couples shower is far more casual.So alcohol is totally acceptable and welcome by many.

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