Romantic Boho Beach Themed Wedding Ideas to Steal

Romantic Boho Beach Themed Wedding Ideas to Steal

Bohemian wedding style is perfect for creative and free-spirited couples who want to avoid trivia at their wedding!If you’re planning an outdoor or beach wedding, take note of the Bohemian theme.Bohemian style is characterized by a mix of natural tones, flowers, wood, feathers and tapestries, all of which create a fantastic atmosphere.

Bohemian weddings are popular because they are light, colorful and fun.A beach wedding is always super real because it’s just a dream — walking down the beach hallway with the breeze blowing across your face.But what if we mix these two ideas?It will be beautiful!Boho beach wedding incredibly relaxing, full of sun, sand and salty breezes – isn’t this the perfect summer party?Take inspiration from the following ideas and go for the chic Bohemian look!

Beach-Friendly Boho Wedding Dress Ideas
Once you decide a beach wedding, finding your dreamy bridal dress just seems a little bit easier. For your bridal look, anything goes as long as it is lightweight, flowy and makes you feel and look fabulous. Lace and chiffon fabrics with airy details will be perfect.

Romantic Beach Themed Wedding Invitations & Wedding Decor Inspiration
The best part is when your venue is the beach, a lot of the work is already done! You wedding can always capture the instant atmosphere which means you can have a fabulous wedding without spending a fortune!

Magical Fairy Tale Beach Wedding Reception Decorations
Lighting up your beach night can easily set the mood you are trying to create, no matter it’s string lights, candles, light bulbs, lanterns or colored lights.

Boho Beach Themed Wedding


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