Rustic Glam Wedding Ideas You Can’t Get Enough of

Rustic Glam Wedding Ideas You Can’t Get Enough of

Have to admit that I’m not a big fan of country weddings.I am a “luxurious and romantic”girl.But since country style weddings are so popular now, I thought, it was time to bring you some country ideas.

From sparkly bridesmaid dresses to romantic wedding cakes, all these gorgeous ideas are rustic in nature but charming on the surface.That’s exactly what we call rustic glam. When you combine the natural beauty of country living with a little bit of sparkle and shine, you’ve got rustic glam. Take a peek and see if it helps inspire your own version of a rustic glam wedding.

Play with the light

Much of the charm of country life and outdoor adventures is the way sunlight can make everything look different and more beautiful as the day goes on. Playing with the lighting at your ceremony and reception is key to setting the ambiance for your rustic glam wedding. Have a ceremony outdoors at sunset. Make sure your reception venue has big windows or a large entrance to let in lots of natural light like the barn shown here.


Flowers are usually the focal point of a country wedding.Why is that?Because the flowers reflect the country life and charming wedding style.The arrangement of lush peonies, garden roses or hydrangeas is absolutely perfect to achieve a luxurious appearance at your ceremony and reception.

Naked look
Couples should no longer feel the need to cover their wooden reception tables with white linen or their wooden ceremonial seats with chair covers.The natural beauty of the wood has become its own statement of style.Another trend this year is the naked wedding cake.There’s almost no icing, just some decoration, like the real flowers you see here.Who needs that much sugar anyway, right?

Naked wood has become a popular design element in today’s weddings. No longer should couples feel the need to cover their wooden reception tables with white linens or their wooden ceremony seating with chair covers. The natural beauty of wood has become its own style statement, and this is one statement you will want to make in your rustic glam wedding. Another trend emerging this year is naked wedding cakes. Little to no frosting and just a few embellishments like the real flowers you see here. Who needs all that sugar anyway, right?

Rustic Glam Wedding Ideas You Can’t Get Enough of


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