Shades of Green Wedding Color Ideas with Matching Wedding Invites

Shades of Green Wedding Color Ideas with Matching Wedding Invites

   When starting planning your big day, there’s always a question there – what’s your wedding colors? Deciding a basic tone is not that easy. For most brides, they have to check so many inspirations and can finally find the ones they truly love.Green is my all time favorite color, it’s a color that looks good on me. It’s a color that makes me feel good, energized and fresh! 

   Talking about trending wedding colors for the year 2020, green is a good choice especially for spring and summer weddings,since they’re easy to find and can work well with many other accents. There’s probably not many people who can say they’ve never smiled or been overwhelmed by a gorgeous green landscape filled with trees and mountains right?  There are so many beautiful shades, so it can depend on the season you plan to wed in, what style of wedding it is, relaxed or formal? And once you’ve worked out a few simple questions you’ll be able to decide on the right shade of green for you.More ideas? Go on reading.\


Emerald Wedding


Sage Wedding


Olive Wedding


Mint Wedding

Grayed Jade

Grayed Jade Wedding

Green Wedding Invitations

Green Wedding Invitations

Green Wedding Favors

Green Wedding Favors


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