Simple Steps on How to Assemble Wedding Invitations

Simple Steps on How to Assemble Wedding Invitations

   When you receive your wedding invitation from the printer, you may be excited to start stuffing envelopes for your friends and family.But if your invitation kit includes multiple cards and a few items, you might start thinking about how to put together the right wedding invitations.In fact, it’s not as complicated as it seems.

   What’s the proper way to assemble them into the envelopes? To help, we are providing some easy steps to guide you through the process.Read on to find out how to put together wedding invitations and assemble them at home with the bridesmaids or your families.

   Step 1: Wedding invitations are typically assembled by size order. First, you should lay your wedding invitation down with the wording facing up.

   Step 2: Place the reception card face-up on top of the invitation.

   Step 3: Place all other enclosure cards like the direction card, accommodation card, etc. face-up on top of the reception card.

   Step 4: Place the response envelope face-down on top of the enclosure cards and make sure you stamp it with the proper postage. Then, place the response card under the response envelope flap, face-up, so that the printed side is visible.

   Mailing in 1 Envelope: If you’re using just one invite envelope, insert the fully assembled wedding invitation suite into the outer envelope. Make sure that the printed side of the assembled pieces are face-up when the envelope flap is opened.

   Mailing in 2 Envelopes: If you’re using two envelopes (an inner envelope and outer envelope), place your wedding invitation suite (all wording should face up when the inner envelope flap is opened) inside the inner envelope.  Then, place your inner envelope inside the outer mailing envelope with the front of the inner envelope facing you when the outer envelope flap is opened.

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