Small and Intimate Wedding Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

Small and Intimate Wedding Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

Compared with large weddings, small weddings are more and more popular now. Many couples prefer a more intimate way to celebrate, so that everyone who attends the wedding can have fun together. This will help create a more relaxed atmosphere. However, planning a small wedding is not easy, because although the venue is not large, it is a real wedding after all. It would be great if a guide appeared at this time. Small weddings provide more room for budget maneuver, which provides ample opportunities for creativity. Today we will introduce some tips that will make your wedding more creative!

1.Your pet can join in the party

If you have pet, let them to join this party, It’s a cool thing to have a dog act as a ring bearer or accessorizing a flower crown to match the bride’s bouquet. If your pup means that much to you and your partner, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t join in on the celebration.

2.Opt for standing room only

Have everyone stand for a short-but-sweet ceremony. (Unless someone needs a chair, of course!)

3. Let your guests choose their food

When a lot of people are gathering. Instead of servers, you can create a buffet station for guests. It encourages mingling. You may also choose casual foods like Open air barbecue. Palatable food will make guests feel happy and comfortable.

4.Arrange chairs in a refreshing way

Ditch tradition and arrange chairs in a refreshing way so that everyone can have a bird’s eye view. Fewer attendees means everyone will have the best seat in the house!

5.Hire a food truck for snack

Hire a food truck is inexpensive. Food trucks in place of fancy meals give the guests something to snack on and the day progresses. You’ll save tons of money on foods.

6.Set up Photo Wall

The photo wall shows loving details of the couple, You can select and print some of your funny and interesting moments.

7.Have a dance floor flip flop station

Dancing can relieve people from stress. When the wedding is half way through, you can play some dynamic music. This keeps you and guests comfortable.


You may choose the theme color of your wedding, and the guests will need to dress in the color you want.
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