Special Wedding Traditions to Consider for Your Nuptial

Special Wedding Traditions to Consider for Your Nuptial

It is enjoyable to learn about different cultures and their unique traditions.Today, American culture is more integrated than ever.I’d like to share with you some of the most unique wedding traditions that fit well into your wedding.

There are many wedding traditions to consider when looking for a wedding inspirations that expresses your personality and love for your partner.You can explore all kinds of traditions around the world for inspiration.

Unity Candle

You may have heard of the unity candle.It is known that part of the ceremony is for each person to light a single, unified flame together with their candles, symbolizing their new union and partnership.Well, a good alternative to this tradition is to have a uniform marble bowl.For this tradition, the elders, parents and other family members all mix marble in a bowl once, symbolizing the beauty of marriage and the mixed family.It’s a lovely tradition, isn’t it?

Seven spice blessing

Another unique wedding tradition is the seven spice blessing, which originated in the Middle East.Seven small bowls containing different spices are placed in front of the bride and groom.Each spice two tablespoons of point into a small bag, each spice symbolizes a different blessing: rosemary represents prosperity, brown sugar is a symbol of the sweet life, garlic is to ensure your safety, delicacy represents a new hybrid life balance, nutmeg is a symbol of romantic, chili is a passion and a bay leaf is a symbol of the taste of an extra spark.

Special Wedding Traditions to Consider for Your Nuptial


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