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Wedding Tip !! Stop Preparing the Same Costume for All Bridesmaids

   For bridesmaids.Please don’t be constrained by the same costume.

   In the past, people would pursue the uniformity of bridesmaid’s clothing and hairstyle, ignoring the bridesmaid’s desire for comfort and individuality in their clothing.

Wedding Dresses

   Why must we erase all sense of individuality for the wedding party ?

   Why do we want our lady loved ones to look exactly the same,with the exact same hair and dresses?

  Why do we force the ladies we love to wear something that is 1. costly and 2. they are unlikely ever to wear again? All for “matching” in photos.  Really…?

   Why do we not allow the women we love to choose how to dress in what they feel most comfortable and beautiful? The bride gets this honor, dressing in whatever way she wishes, in a way that makes her feel most stunning.

   The selection trend of bridesmaid’s clothing in the future will be to pursue the overall atmosphere and unity at the same time highlight the bridesmaid’s personality.

Autumn Bridesmaids Dresses
Bridesmaids Dresses
Bridesmaids Dresses

   The choice of color will show a person’s character, and the color combination can show the taste. No matter where the place is, we can match our own style

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