Stunning Lavender Wedding Color Ideas and Wedding Invites

Stunning Lavender Wedding Color Ideas and Wedding Invites

   Lavender is a trending color, and there are so many wedding decorations elements that can be styled in lavender shades! When it is used in a wedding, for one of the color schemes or all thing lavender, it can make your big day a success.Have a try at lavender wedding décor ideas to give your wedding a delicate, tender look. 

   As a soft shade of the color purple, lavender does suggest refinement along with grace, elegance, and something special. You can have lavender in bottles on tables, chair backs or place settings, or combine the color lavender with other colors to make a perfect combination.No matter where you apply lavender to your wedding, it will give you a big surprise.Here we have some fabulous lavender color combinations to share with you.

Lavender and Purple

Lavender and Purple Wedding

Lavender and Mint

Lavender and Mint Wedding

Lavender and Pink

Lavender and Pink Wedding

Lavender and Blue

Lavender and Blue Wedding

Lavender and Beige

Lavender and Beige Wedding

Lavender and Orange

Lavender and Orange Wedding

Lavender and Silver

Lavender and Silver Wedding


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