The Difference between Wedding Planner and Venue Coordinator

The Difference between Wedding Planner and Venue Coordinator

It is known that there are all kinds of professionals whose job it is to help you plan your big day.But some professionals seem to blur the line when it comes to job titles.Wedding planners and venue coordinators are two often-confused wedding staff.Today,let’s figure out the difference between them.

Wedding planners are there to help you do whatever you need, especially in times of crisis.Their sole purpose is to make sure your big day goes smoothly and help you plan every detail of your wedding from start to finish.This person will also be present at your wedding, from the time the door opens to your wedding, to the time you and your new spouse set off together and begin your journey.In other words, your wedding planner can take care of every detail at your wedding.

On the other hand, the venue coordinator will show you around the site and show you every detail of the site.This person will be responsible for everything related to the location of your wedding day.He or she will make sure the space looks exactly like you imagined it to.The venue coordinator is not usually present for the entire ceremony.

Now, are you clear about the different duties of the two people?

Knowing which one to choose depends entirely on what you need.Hope you have a perfect wedding with the help of them.

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