Things Should Be Included in Your Bridal Emergency Kit

Things Should Be Included in Your Bridal Emergency Kit

Even if every minute of the wedding is perfectly planned, there will be a few glitches along the way.We don’t like to associate the word “emergency” with “wedding,” but the occasional challenge is likely to pop up on your big day.No need to stress out, though! As long as you have your bridal emergency kit by your side, you have nothing to worry about.Making a first aid or emergency kit for your wedding day will make the bridal party easier to deal with.

Things happen out of the blue and accidents can happen, so it’s best to be prepared for what might happen that day.You don’t want to find yourself without these essentials on your wedding day — so you should make sure you have a wedding emergency kit in place where you’re preparing for the wedding and at your reception.If you’re hiring a wedding planner, chances are he or she has his or her wedding kit ready, but if you need to make one yourself, you can refer to the list below to store your kit.

For your bridal gown
You don’t want anything happening to your prefect outfit on your big day. Unluckily, life can throw more than a few curve balls at you. Here’s how to conquer any situation that comes up.

White chalk

Sewing kit

For your face
Your makeup is going to look beautiful once it’s applied.You must want to keep it looking that way. These emergency kit items will keep your wedding day look intact:

Makeup essentials

For your accessories
Make sure you don’t have any problems with your jewelry by carrying along these items:

Krazy Glue 

Earring backs

Various items
Include these items in your bridal emergency kit as well. After all, better safe than sorry!



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