Top 10 Wedding Color Scheme Inspiration Ideas For 2020

Top 10 Wedding Color Scheme Inspiration Ideas For 2020

Planning a wedding for 2020? Choosing the color combos for your wedding day is a major step in the planning process. The colors you choose for your wedding day can come from anywhere. After all, those will impact everything from your wedding invitations and flowers to your wedding dresses and the overall decor. The right color choice will make your wedding even more impressive. Conversely, if you choose wrong, the consequences will be terrible. So you must pick the right colors.

Now we want to share with you our favorite wedding colors that are expected to get huge in 2020. Here’s a look at the color trends we are seeing pop up in the most magical day of your life!

  1. Dusty Rose

Dusty rose is a kind of elegant and soft wedding theme colors and popular used in spring and summer weddings.


Dusty Rose wedding

2. Dusty Blue

With such a wide spectrum of different colors, blue is really a tricky color to work with for nuptials. And today we mainly focus on dusty blue, which is so subtle yet versatile for any themes or seasons

Dusty Blue

3. Mauve

Mauve is among top trendy colors for 2020 wedding season. It’s a gorgeous, muted shade of light purple that has a slight tinge of grey. 


4. Shades of Gray

Grey in one of the timeless and classic noble colors that will always be in trend in any season, so why not try it for your wedding? 

Shades of Gray

5. Mist

Green, dusty sage, and ivory help to lighten the otherwise rich palette and adds striking yet subdued contrast. Perhaps slightly inspired by the plaids that winter brings, this misty color combo offers a lot of elegant versatility.

Mist wedding

6. Burgundy

Having a fall wedding is all about bringing a sense of coziness and richness to your big day, and that’s why burgundy wedding color is always the classic choice for your big day.


7. Taupe

Neutral taupe colors look very elegant and romantic and fit into just about any style wedding. 

Taupe wedding

8. Navy

Navy blue wedding color combining options are endless and because of the classic and sofiscated coloring, it will never be out of style. 

Navy wedding

9. Emerald

Emerald is very radiant, luminous, luxurious and sophisticated at the same time and perfect as wedding leading color.

Emerald wedding

10. Mustard Yellow

Is there any of you that want your wedding colors to be different from most other brides who decided to have their main wedding colors in mustard yellow!

Mustard Yellow wedding
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