Top 8 2023 Wedding Theme Trends You Need to Know

Top 8 2023 Wedding Theme Trends You Need to Know

Are you still planning your wedding in 2023? Do you want to add something unique to make your wedding truly unforgettable? We predicted 8 wedding trends from table decoration, fashion, flower design, to reception activities! The wedding plan for 2023 starts here!

1. Rustic Green and Beige Modern wedding

Green can be a great color to use at a wedding since it normally fits in with the natural surrounding of an outdoor or garden wedding without overpowering it. 

Rustic wedding invitation

2. Chic and Romantic Blush Pink Modern Wedding

Blush pink is ideal color, it combines well with many other colors. With Luxury Blush Pink Mermaid Wedding Dresses, making your wedding filled with romance.

Romantic wedding invitation

3. Classic Navy vintage traditional wedding

As a common guest at the wedding, navy blue cannot be absent.

Classic Navy wedding invitation

4. Unique Rust Orange fall wedding theme

This unique color palette can make your wedding standing out! Orange is also very suitable for autumn wedding

5. Sweet Serendipity Gardens Wedding in Shades of Purple

Purple is synonymous with fantasy, we are sharing you the most elegant wedding color.

Purple wedding invitation

6. Most-Loved Metallic Wedding Colors 

Whether you have selected a color scheme or not, we recommend that you consider adding metal elements to the list. Gold, silver, copper, rose gold, champagne, Elegant and luxury wedding invitations.

Metallic Wedding invitation

7. Elevated Boho Warm Wedding Color Palette that Inspires

The yellow tones of ochre, gold and mustard are regarded as one of the biggest color trends of the wedding in 2023.

Boho Warm Wedding invitation

8. Icy Winter Wonderland Wedding Colors & Themes 

Have you ever thought of holding a wedding in winter, Ice and snow symbolize your eternal and pure love. In addition to the iconic holiday colors for this season, there are many other dreamy and cool blue colors that show the best colors of this season.

Icy Winter Wedding invitation

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