Unique Types of Unity Ceremonies for Your Wedding

Unique Types of Unity Ceremonies for Your Wedding

At the wedding, it is traditional for the bride and groom to light the candle of unity, which symbolizes the union of the two families through marriage.While this is a beautiful ceremony, you can also symbolize the beginning of your new life in many other ways.That’s what we’ll do to help you out today.

Looking for unity-ceremony ideas that represent the magic of two becoming one?Tying the knot and lighting the candle of unity are two of the most popular ideas, but there are many more — even some that deviate beautifully from tradition.Read on to find more ideas you can incorporate into your wedding that will mark the convergence of two lives or families!

With flowers

Use two bouquets of flowers for each of your mothers or fathers to take them down the aisle and put them in two different vases. Then, pick a moment during the ceremony for each of you to take a flower from each vase and place the two stems together in a smaller vase.

With flowers for Your Wedding

With ribbon

You can also use ribbon to bring the two of you together. The best man passes a ribbon around to guests sitting in the aisle seats and to the groom, bride and officiant until it makes a giant U shape. When he arrives back at the altar, he strings one ring onto the left side of the ribbon and one ring onto the right side. He then asks the guests holding the ribbon to move the strings forward, symbolizing that the friends and family in attendance had a hand in shaping the couple. When the rings reach the officiant, use a pair of scissors to cut the ribbon and collect the rings. The scissors represent a married couple – sometimes the pair will move in opposite directions, but they must remember that their union is strong and cannot be broken.

With ribbon for Your Wedding

With paint

Create your own custom painting with paint with your new spouse, with two cans of paint, and then draw a unique painting on the canvas. You can hang this in your new home to commemorate the big day!

With paint for Your Wedding

With pigeons

Pigeons symbolize love, peace, happiness and prosperity, so what better way to express these feelings than by releasing pure white pigeons at your ceremony? The pigeons are trained to circle the couple and then fly away, representing the newlyweds leaving their family and starting their own journey as a married couple.

With pigeons for Your Wedding


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