Use the Force:10 Creative Star Wars Themed Wedding Ideas

Use the Force:10 Creative Star Wars Themed Wedding Ideas

   So you’ve always dreamed of getting married in a galaxy far, far away.Trust us, you’re not alone.If you and/or your fiance can’t even name jedis on their wedding day, you’re in luck.Star Wars fan are all around the world and the Star Wars mania is at an all-time high.There’s no better time to be a Star Wars fan. In honor of Star Wars day, be with us on May 4!

   Get in back to the point, if you are a super Star Wars fan, you can’t miss a Star Wars themed wedding. However, let’s to be honest, you may easily make a this kind of wedding into a kid’s party. To help,we’ve collected 12 best star wars themed ideas for you, from the Princess Leia’s wedding hairstyle to the  a lightsaber send-off, to make your wedding fun and memorable. Just feel the force and love!

   1. Photography Ideas with classic Star Wars elements: clone troopers, lightsabers, AT-AT…

   2. Wedding Cake with AT-AT toppers

   3. Princess Leia style updo

   4. Wedding Dress reminds me of Padme Amidala

   5. Wedding Bouquets with lightsabers

   6. Dessert Bar Ideas

   7. Wedding Centerpieces with clone trooper’s helmet

   8. Darth Vader Inspiration Wedding Favors

   9. Master Yoda Inspired Wedding Table Number Cards

   10. Guest Book Ideas


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