Useful DIY Wedding Ideas:Make Handmade Paper Invitation Cards

Useful DIY Wedding Ideas:Make Handmade Paper Invitation Cards

   Once you’ve decided your wedding theme, the next step is to send invitations to your guests.Every bride wants her wedding invitation to be perfect and show their wedding theme.For a custom-made, unique invitation, it is a better choice to make your wedding invitations yourselves.

   Even if you’re not worried about having a truly unique invitation, making your own wedding invitation is sure to save you money.This is also good for couples whose budget is limited.More and more brides prefer making their own special wedding invitations.But some brides give up on the idea because they don’t think they’re creative enough to make a fancy handmade invitation.

   It is unnecessary to worry about. DIY wedding invitation is not hard as long as you wanna give yourself a chance to have a try. There are a couple different ways to create this kind of invitation cards. Truly just about any kind of invitation you want to make can be created with this kind of paper.

   A simple wedding invitation with handmade paper:

   1. Pick a blank card in the size and color of your choice

   2. Print the invitation wording onto the blank invitation cards

   3. Attach a sheet of handmade paper to the outside of the card

   4. Decorate with ribbon or dried flowers

   You could even use a thick satin ribbon to tie the card shut with a bow. This often gives a beautiful effect.

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