Useful Tips on Planning a Disney Movie Inspired Maleficent Wedding

Useful Tips on Planning a Disney Movie Inspired Maleficent Wedding

I believe sleeping beauty is every girl’s favorite movie when she was a child.Gorgeous castle, sleeping princess and beautiful love story, no girl can resist the temptation of such a sweet dream.Now, Disney seems to be showing us another side of the famous story — maleficent, the sleeping beauty villain who has just discovered the meaning of love.So I’m just wondering how to turn this weird and beautiful story into a weird and gorgeous wedding?Do you think maleficent will be a bride?That’s great!

Obviously, the color scheme is the first Maleficent inspired wedding to consider.We believe that black, green, purple and gold will create an ancient and magical forest wedding.Dark, mysterious, sexy and with a little whimsy, all these wedding accessories tell us what an evil wedding looks like.The theme was emerald and gold invitations, black cake and a quirky but stylish dessert table covered in sweet chocolate.More ideas?Keep reading!

#1. Send themed wedding invitations to set the basic tone and give guests the first impressions.

#2. Have black wedding dresses, adding some silver if you don’t want it to be all black.

#3. If you prefer white wedding dress, try black bridesmaid dresses.

#4. Choose the matched wedding color schemes for decorations, black, purple and green.

#5. Send themed wedding favors, to give a better ending of the ceremony but the new beginning of your life together.

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