Wedding Aisle Runner Ideas for Your Nuptials

Wedding Aisle Runner Ideas for Your Nuptials

Your wedding runaway decor must be magical.Yes, picking out your wedding dress is an important part of it, but your aisle should be just as beautiful as your wedding dress.What’s the first step in giving it something extra?Add a killer to your wedding runner.While you can opt for traditional white or red linen, we suggest you try some different in your big day.

If you’re having a country wedding, place hay bales in the aisle, and if you want to decorate a beach wedding, put seashells and starfish in the aisle.So, we’re here to share with you the ideas of wedding aisle runner decor to make your wedding more creative and exciting.Don’t hesitate to customize your nuptials with any of these beautiful aisle runners below.

Book pages
Literature is a popular theme among couples nowadays.Your love for books can be demonstrated by reading your favorite stacked novels or reading a romantic poem at your ceremony.It turns out that you can express your passion for prose through your aisle runners.At your wedding, instead of using the traditional aisle, consider decorating your processional with pages from a book.To personalize your day, use papers from your favorite fairy tale for a meaningful way to walk to the altar.

Use this monogram aisle runner to personalize your wedding.The white fabric and elegant design interweave the luxurious wedding theme.Also, you can choose the color of the font to make it easy to coordinate with the rest of your ceremony decor.

Make your procession shine by sprinkling with glitter!Whether your wedding style is formal, country, fall, summer, spring or winter, it is the perfect for all of them.Metallic is indeed a continuing trend.Choose silver or gold for a neutral tone, or choose brightly colored sequins for a bright and bold wedding.

If your wedding dress is made of lace, why not keep make a white lace aisle runner ?It’s the perfect for a traditional wedding and offers enough gorgeous detail without attracting any attention away from you.Any petals your flower girl throws out will look beautiful against a white background.

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