Wedding Invitation Regrets that You Wanna Avoid

Wedding Invitation Regrets that You Wanna Avoid

When it comes to wedding planning, there are plenty of things to do.You have to make so many decision.Super busy and tiring.Brides or couples may not be able to make everything perfect.Thus every couple has some regrets, so we’ve collected some wedding invitation regrets to help you avoid making the same mistake when choosing and sending wedding invitations.

“I had a friend design my wedding invitations but I wish I would have looked at all of my options because I realized afterward all the different styles available for a great price.” – Brooke

“I regret not numbering the wedding RSVPs so we knew who had responded if they forgot to include their name or we couldn’t read their name on the response card.” – Heidi

“I wish we would have included a map card with the invites. We assumed the address was enough but there were many people who said their GPS led them to the wrong location.” – Gabby

“We forgot to include a reply by date on the response cards. Not a huge deal but caused a lot of checking in with people as the date got closer.” – Meredith

“I wish I had spent more time addressing the envelopes or that I had recruited help. I ended up hurrying through it and the result was a little messier than I would have liked.” – Shanna

“I should have ordered extra invites because there were a few people I wanted to invite later on but didn’t have extras and found it was SUPER expensive to order just a few invitations.” – Kristin

“We didn’t have the invitation weighed before adding postage, and we ended up buying way more postage than we needed.” – Hailey

“I really wanted to upgrade the paper because the design on our invitation was really pretty and would have looked gorgeous on shimmer paper but I didn’t to keep the cost down. I wish I would have…” – Kendra

“I read through our wedding invitation wording SO MANY TIMES but when we received them in the mail I had misspelled the name of my future father-in-law. Embarrassing!” – Cally

“I designed our wedding invitations and assembled them myself but it turned out to be a lot of work and a lot of time. Purchasing invitations would have been much less stressful!” – Jenny

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