Wedding Invitation Rules You Need to Follow

Wedding Invitation Rules You Need to Follow

There will never be a blueprint for a wedding that works for everyone in between the outdated guidelines that don’t apply to modern weddings and the self-imposed view that couples have of what a wedding should look like.But there are some rules that you should stick to anyway including your wedding invitations.Whether you’re a bride, groom or guest, here are some wedding invitation rules you should definitely follow.

1.Spell everything out in your wedding invitation wording.

This may seem silly but when you start mixing abbreviations and contractions on a wedding invitation, it starts to look messy and it takes attention away from how beautiful your wedding invitations are.

2.Don’t include registry info on the invitations.

Wedding gifts are not required to attend your wedding so don’t make your guests feel like they are by listing registries on the invitation.

3.Add a stamp to the response cards.

This is a courtesy guests always appreciate and it makes replying even easier so you get more responses faster.

4.Handwrite the guest’s address on each envelope.

A nicely handwritten address is what distinguishes your wedding invitation from everyday mail.

5.Use the inner envelopes.

The inner envelope has the names of exactly who is invited. So if you’re inviting the Greens without the children, you would only write the names of the husband and wife on the inner envelope.

6.Weigh an invitation before purchasing stamps.

This will tell you exactly how much postage you’ll need so you’re not wasting any money on additional postage. Or, worse than that, not purchasing enough postage.

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