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What Should be Included in a Wedding Invitation Suite?

   If you are searching wedding invitation cards now, you may often see the wedding invitation suite. Then, do you know what should be included in a wedding invitation suite? Weve compiled a helpful guide outlining exactly what to send with wedding invitations.

Wedding Invitation Suite

  Wedding invitation card

   There is no doubt that the wedding invitation card should be included in the suite. You should write the host,the request, bride and groom’s name, day and time, wedding avenue, the reception and the special requests on the card.

   Pay attention, different style wedding invitation cards include different materials. For example, our PWIL035, the wedding invitation card include the wrap, inner card, the string, name tag and outer envelope.

Gold Wedding Invitation

   Response card

   We also call is RSVP. Your guests should send it back to tell you whether they can attend your wedding or not. And remember to include a stamp for your guest’s convenience when you send the response card to them.


   Reception card

   If the location of your wedding ceremony and wedding reception are different, then you should send a separate reception card with the reception information with wording that indicates the formality and nature of the event.

Wedding Reception Card

  Direction Card

   Though Google maps are very common now, you should still prepare a legible direction card, especially when you want to invite some old people.

 Direction card

  Accommodation card

   This is designed for out-of-town guests.And if you want to send the accommodation cards, remember to show the information regarding transportation to and from hotels to the wedding.

Accommodation Card

   Thank You Card 

   Many couples want to show their gratitude after finished wedding,  so they will send the Thank You Card to the guests who attended the wedding. 

Thank You Card

   There are many extra cards can be included in a wedding invitation suite like menu card, table cards and detail cards…As long as you need it, we will help you get it. 


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