What You Need to Know about Wedding Guests?

What You Need to Know about Wedding Guests

Would you invite these people to your wedding

1.Those who oppose your marriage (parents, friends).

Even if they are not very satisfied with your decision, but you want to receive their blessings and witness the most important moments in your life. Will they change their minds when they see your happy smile at the wedding?

2.Would you invite your ex, hoping to get blessings from the people you once loved

Some people think You two are still friendly but will he be okay watching you marry another guy if (your friends think he’s still sweet on you). Unless you’re absolutely sure the fire in his heart doesn’t even flicker for you, spare him the pain and give that seat to others.

Another think wedding is a beautiful loving joyous occasion of two people joining together and making a life together and saying they want to be together forever and that they love each other.Wedding doesn’t need any negative vibes at all it’s a joyous day so don’t do anything that will bring negativity and bad vibes.

3.Will you invite leaders or colleagues?

You are usually more serious at work. In this kind of situation, do you feel nervous when you see theleader?

I want to hold a big wedding and let all relatives and friends come to witness my wedding. At that moment, I think I am the happiest person.

Romantic wedding scene

Who are the uninvited guests in the wedding?

1. Difficult neighbors.

2. Strangers who come in because of curiosity.

3. Friends of friends

I don’t knowTo tell the truth, even if there were, I wouldn’t have noticed nor would it bother me.

Disgusting guest behavior at weddings

  • The guest who keeps complaining

One of your guests thinks the food is flavorless, the service too slow, the music too “grandma,” and she doesn’t hesitate to share her complaints with anyone who has a pulse and two ears. While you planned your wedding in the hopes that guests have a good time, you don’t owe this grump a thing. Don’t personally try to appease her-you’re the bride, not the crisis manager, and it probably wouldn’t make a difference anyway. Chalk up her grievances to jealousy, and ignore her-with any luck, she’ll leave the reception early on her broom.

  • Keep playing with mobile phones.

At this sacred moment, the newcomers hope to receive sincere blessings from the guests. The act of playing with mobile phones may make the atmosphere of the scene reach the freezing point.

  • Frequently go out to answer the phone.

You can arrange your work in advance before attending the wedding. If you cannot attend the wedding, you can also inform the couple in advance. However, multiple entry and exit on the wedding day will not only affect the viewing experience of other guests, but also when recording the wedding video, May leave you busy figure.

  • Drunk guests.

Such a happy day on the wedding day must have alcohol, but some guests drink too much, leading to drunkenness, which is not the result that new couples want to see.Whether it’s another relative or friend, a partygoer who’s inebriated and out of control can ruin a wedding. Chances are, this person’s drink history will be well known before your wedding day arrives, so be prepared by prearranging a safety net around him, namely, two of your beefiest (but compassionate) guests who can be called on to quietly escort the fallen fellow out and direct him to a strong pot of coffee or an Uber ride home.

  • Female guest in white dress.

There is no doubt that white skirts are very elegant and beautiful, but I think white is the exclusive color for the bride that day. If there are female guests wearing white skirts, it will make the bride uncomfortable. Guests are advised to avoid white dresses as much as possible. On one hand, it may seem petty and old school to be bothered by a guest wearing white to your wedding but, on the other hand, how dare she! Everyone knows the bride owns that color! Still, in the immortal words of Frozen’s Elsa, “let it go.” Focus on having all your loved ones around you. Think about your awesome new husband, your first dance as a married woman, your new life together. The guest’s dress? Who cares? She may be wearing your color but there’s no way she’ll be wearing your glow!

white dress


Don’t long breaks between events

It is plain disrespectful to make your guests wait for long spans of time during the day. Everyone values their time. Although your guests won’t look forward to a marathon of events on the day, neither will they be excited about an event that drags on and on. So, give accurate information about timings in your wedding invitation and program. Provide the “guest arrival time” and “ceremony start time” on your invitation to clarify things. This will allow your guests to evaluate the event timeline correctly and plan accordingly.

Make sure that you, your partner, and the members of the wedding party are on time. Also, space the different events of the day without too much delay. If there are long delays,arrange entertainment or refreshments to keep your guests occupied during this gap. Discuss with your wedding planner or photographer to create an accurate timeline that is practical for both you and your guests.

Refuse unclear instructions

Nothing spoils fun like a lack of clear instructions. From directions to a proper seating arrangement and instructions of where the various events will be held, guests need clear instructions. Unless you provide it, they just waste time trying to figure things out by themselves. So make sure you communicate all relevant details in a clear and crisp manner. Design and format the layout of your invitation card with a checklist that cites what information your guests need.

Similarly, make sure you mention all other information on your wedding website. Add details like landmarks, traveling time to the venue, nearest public transportation destination, etc, and make things easy for them. If the ceremony and reception venue is different, provide clear directions to get to the second from the first. Similarly, don’t complicate the seating arrangement. It should be easy to understand and follow. Your guests will appreciate finding their seats easily and settle in quickly.

Refuse vague dress code

There is nothing like a standard wedding today. From extravagant banquet affairs to rustic loft weddings and laidback beach nuptials, every wedding is different. Thus it isn’t always easy for guests to decide what to wear to a wedding. Nobody wishes to be embarrassed about their dress choice. So, they usually look at your invitation or wedding website to make this decision.

There are many clear, fun and even clever ways to communicate this point in your invitation. There are both traditional and non-traditional ways to let your guests know what your wedding style is. From simple straightforward phrases like “Black Tie” and “Casual” to “Dress to Impress” or “Festive attire”, provide a simple phrase that explains the style clearly.

These are all about wedding guests, what other suggestions do you have? If you have guests you want to invite, send invitations as soon as possible and welcome them to witness your happy moments!

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Friends who cannot be invited for some reason.If appropriate, ask if there is another way to celebrate the milestone together. Maybe a special dinner or another small way to acknowledge the relationship and emphasize you want them to be part of this next stage in your life。It’s best to post a formal card explaining the reason and attach a souvenir related to your wedding.

wedding save the date cards
wedding save the date cards
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